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Abby is an Open-Source tool for A/B Testing and Feature Flags. The motivation behind building Abby was to provide a simple and easy to use tool for A/B Testing and Feature Flags that flawlessly integrates with Next.js.

This means the following:

1. Ease of use

Next.js is an amazing framework that offers the best Developer Experience and makes building highly scalable applications a breeze. Abby is built with the same philosophy in mind. It should be easy to use and integrate with your existing Next.js application. You should be able to set it up once in under a minute and forget about it.

2. Type Safety

Abby is built with TypeScript and offers full type safety. This means that you can use Abby without worrying about typos or other mistakes that can be easily made when using a tool like Abby. Other third party tools often offer outdated or incomplete type definitions or are embedded via a script. Abby is a package that is properly versioned, typed and can be installed with your favorite package manager.


3. Deeply Integrate with Next.js

There are many possible ways of creating pages in Next.js. You can render the pages on the server, on the client, or even statically. Abby works with all of the ways and makes sure that the A/B Testing and Feature Flags are applied to the pages correctly. All of this while keeping the Developer Experience as good as possible.

Abby is an Open Source SaaS for developers to streamline A/B testing and feature flagging.
Make data-driven decisions and improve user experience with ease.
Made for developers, by developers.
Free forever. No Credit Card required