Type-Safe Feature Flags
Flexible Remote Config

Abby is Open Source and fully typed with SDKs for React and Next.js.
Test in different environments, debug with devtools.
Cut through feature deployment complexity with one service, built for developers.

Start free, scale at a fair price.

Feature Flags for


Why choose Abby?

Born out of an engineer's frustration internally, and now adopted by engineering teams at fast-growing startups and enterprises.

Tightly Integrated

Built for a modern tech stack

SDKs for different frameworks, including React and Next.js. All of them fully type-safe.

Backend Coverage

Optimized for server-side

Support for SSR or SSG included out of the box for a snappy user experience.


Test safely

Utilize different environments for each feature flag or remote config variable. Create various environments to test features before they go live.

Reliability First

Reduce downtime risk

SDKs with built in fallbacks to reduce the risk of downtime and ensure a stable testing environment.

Privacy and Transparency

Ethically made for humanity

Fully open source, anonymized data, with the option to self-host (if you really wanted to).

DevTools Included

Contextual debugging

Install Abby's devtools to debug feature flags and remote config variables on the fly. First-Party CLI in Beta.

Beloved by engineering teams at:


Painless Debugging with Abby Devtools

Debugging your feature flags & remote config variables has never been easier. Simply install the optional Devtools and get started.
Simple. Framework Agnostic.

Can't wait to try it out?

Skip the Docs and get right into the code. Define your tests and enjoy the magic.
Fully typed. Easy to use.

import { createAbby } from "@tryabby/next";

export const { useAbby, AbbyProvider, useFeatureFlag, withAbby } = createAbby({
  projectId: "<PROJECT_ID>",
  currentEnvironment: process.env.NODE_ENV,
  flags: ["showPrices"],
  remoteConfig: {
    userLimit: "Number",
    appMode: "String",
  tests: {
    footer: {
      variants: ["oldFooter", "newFooter"],
    ctaButton: {
      variants: ["dark", "light", "cyberpunk"],

Fair pricing that scales with usage, not seats.

Start using feature flags and remote config variables for free. Scale up at reasonable pricing for small engineering teams and enterprises.



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    1,000 Events / month1 A/B Test3 Feature Flags / Remote Configs5 Environments

$12 /mo per Project


Choose Startup
    10,000 Events / month10 A/B Tests30 Feature Flags / Remote Configs5 Environments

$89 /mo per Project


Choose Pro
    100,000 Events / month10 A/B Tests50 Feature Flags / Remote Configs10 Environments

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    Unlimited Events / monthUnlimited TestsUnlimited Feature Flags / Remote ConfigsUnlimited Environments

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When you hear feature flags, do you think of flag lore?

If you're not yet familiar with website optimization and feature testing you can learn more about the terms and background of A/B tests (also known as Split tests) here.