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Privacy First

Avoid big companies that track you and sell your data

Abby is all about privacy and transparency. We prove it by being open source.

Developer Friendly

Enjoy a developer-friendly API and a great developer experience

Abby was created by developers that experienced the pain of existing solutions.

Simple Analytics

Analytics that everyone can understand

Abby focuses on simple analytics and easy-to-read reports so that you don't have to be a data scientist to understand what's going on.

Integrate in minutes

Fast Implementation

Start using Abby in under 5 minutes. Simply integrate it in your code and you're ready to go.

The safe and reliable Feature Flagging tool

Downtime Secure

Abby ensures a stable testing environment. Abbys SDKs have built in fallbacks to ensure that your users will never experience any downtime.


Test safely

Utilize different environments for each feature flag or remote config variable. Create various environments to test features before they go live.

Painless Debugging with Abby Devtools

Debugging your feature flags & remote config variables has never been easier. Simply install the optional Devtools and get started.
Simple. Framework Agnostic.

Can't wait to try it out?

Skip the Docs and get right into the code. Simply define your tests and enjoy the magic.
Fully typed. Easy to use.

import { createAbby } from "@tryabby/next";

export const { useAbby, AbbyProvider, useFeatureFlag, withAbby } = createAbby({
  projectId: "<PROJECT_ID>",
  currentEnvironment: process.env.NODE_ENV,
  flags: ["showPrices"],
  remoteConfig: {
    userLimit: "Number",
    appMode: "String",
  tests: {
    footer: {
      variants: ["oldFooter", "newFooter"],
    ctaButton: {
      variants: ["dark", "light", "cyberpunk"],

When you hear feature flags, do you think of flag lore?

If you're not yet familiar with website optimization and feature testing you can learn more about the terms and background of A/B tests (also known as Split tests) here.

Simple pricing, for everyone

Start using feature flags & remote config variables in under 5 minutes. Simply integrate it in your code and you're ready to go.



Good for IndieHackers that want to get started with Feature Flags & Remote Config. No Credit card required

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  • 1,000 Events / month
  • 1 A/B Test
  • 3 Feature Flags / Remote Config Variables
  • 5 Environments

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Optimal for startups & small businesses that want to dive deeper with Feature Flags & Remote Config

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  • 10,000 Events / month
  • 10 A/B Tests
  • 30 Feature Flags / Remote Config Variables
  • 5 Environments

89€ /mo*


Perfect for growing companies that want to scale their Feature Flags & Remote Config and get more insights

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  • 100,000 Events / month
  • 10 A/B Tests
  • 50 Feature Flags / Remote Config Variables
  • 10 Environments

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For even the biggest enterprise companies.

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  • Unlimited Events / month
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Unlimited Feature Flags / Remote Config Variables
  • Unlimited Environments

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